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ZomaHey everyone, been busy lately away from home a lot playing gigs, but also have had computer problems for awhile, and now electrical problems too... staying at a friends until electricity gets fixed, hoping to get my computer fixed soon but don't know when exactly that will happen, can't run any 3d applications without severe overheating... will be online here and there to check e-mails in the meantime. Hope ye are all keeping well
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Dakk   What timing, I just removed 171 inactives BUT I am the only one active that can guild peeps LOL I think only guild leader can set permissions
Jezz   Yeah I think my permissions need setting again on Jezz. Glad you're alright and hope to see you on again soon Z :sick:

And also, on the note of the purge, I think we really needed to do that... the guild was pretty much dead as a dodo and not many people talking which is such a shame for our lovely cities.. I went to Supernova and most of the houses have gone.

Anyhow, see you soon :sick:
DakkCONGRATZ to BUSHYDO, winner of a Two Handed Melee 12 tape and runner up VINNEGAEL, winner of $500,000 (in installments apparently).
CaesarBrenniusWorking a lot lately, but I'm spreading the game around to others and will try to frequent more often. <3 this guild in particular
JezzWhere is everybody?? I barely see any one on these days :(
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krustywood   I'm military so I'll have occasional down times :/
Jezz   That's understandable krustywood hehe
Jezz   Its just dead as a dodo.
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DakkCongratz to Bushydo and Vinnengael who are moving on to the sudden death finale. Once both are on at the same time with me we will commence the finale!
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DakkThe following move on in the contest worth millions. See in game mail for details...

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