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JedarTicket Purchasing alias. Buy all of your tickets for a trip from Dantooine to Rori at once. This alias allows you to create macros to make for easy travel, rather than running in, to buy a ticket at each Starport, only to watch the shuttle pull away as you run out.
Purchaseticket guide and macro-Many Bothans died to bring yo...
While imprisoned by Vader on the Imperial Star Destoyer Pehasto, I managed to hack into the Imperial holo system and download the Imperial Travel Authorities travel acsess codes. T...
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Conos   You might want to copy the text into notepad and remove all the extra echo lines or you'll end up spamming whichever chat channel you are in at the time. Not that I did that lol.
Jedar   lol, or just go somewhere that isnt CNET :sick:
Conos   It's a super useful mod and I use it all the time now, but I have to make sure I'm not in guild chat when I buy tickets or it spams there. The best way I've found is to be in the instant message tab when you run it because the echo lines can't work in there. Better would be to remove the echo lines from the code but I was too lazy for that lol.
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