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DakkNeed all SuperNOva citizens to vote for Ludde
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Uhaf   Epic combat one
UhafHunting away (Roda wins first loot of the day on the last krayt)
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DakkPublish 7: The Source Awakens

Greatly Improved server stability
Made some performance optimizations
Fixed many instances where objects were not properly being destroyed from the database
Added heralds to all planets that will direct players towards various points of interest
Added dynamic Black Sun spawns to Dathomir, Endor, and Yavin 4
The Endor smuggler outpost now has a functional tavern
Taming a baby at a static spawn will no longer cause that mob to cease respawning
A sarlacc will now erupt and disease anyone nearby when a player approaches too closely
All types of dynamic spawns will now despawn when no player has been in range for 5 minutes (instead of just lair spawns)
Added distant ship flyovers above static cities
Added many more possible destroy missions to all planets and faction terminals (including many humanoid missions)
Reduced the size of a no-build zone on Tatooine
Many mobs now distinguish between special protections and effectiveness resists when examined
Fixed the resists/armor of many mobs
Wild creatures and wild tamed creature pets will now always have a 2.0 attack speed (not retroactive to existing pets)
Creatures can now have a special attack 2 without having a special attack 1
Fixed special attacks on many creatures
Creatures will now use their special attacks less frequently
Mobs will no longer regen HAM while in combat but will now regen it faster when not in combat
Fixed several other mob details
Most npcs should now have randomly generated names
Many npcs will now be talkative in reaction to their environment
Imperial npcs no longer take disrespectful emotes directed towards them lightly and will respond
Mobs will now be less prone to fleeing when a player approaches
Ai will no longer be aggressive towards vehicles, but will still be able to attack them
Ai can now be aggressive towards players who are riding a mount or vehicle
Adjusted aggro determinations so that aggressive NPCs will aggro more reliably (and from further away)
NPCs are now smarter about selecting attacks and should use their special attacks at a more consistent rate
Mobs are now more likely to engage their enemies in combat (mob vs. mob)
AI awareness is no longer dependent on player movement. As long as players are in range, mobs should be active
Aggressive mobs are much less likely to drop aggro when a player tries to /peace
Tougher mobs should now apply longer lasting states
A mob's resistances will now degrade based on their battle fatigue (beyond 500)
Added loot to some mobs that were dropping none before
Jedi sentinels no longer drop loot, give very little xp when killed, and will respawn faster
Events/Dungeons/Theme Parks/Quests
Added Hero of Tatooine quests
Added generic quests to criminals, scientists, businessmen, and nobles
Rewrote all existing Death Watch Bunker code to fix issues with it
Added new functionality to the Death Watch Bunker
The Bestine Museum curator no longer limits a player to one schematic purchase
Captain Heff should now remove the warren evidence from your datapad when you turn it in
Fixed a couple of issues with Nym's themepark containers
There is now combat spam for incurred wounds and battle fatigue, posture changes, armor mitigation, and state application/removal
Fixed grenade combat spam
Players can no longer be attacked while loading
Players in the same group can no longer attack each other except when in a duel
/peace will now clear the combat queue
The combat hit equation has been modified to be closer to live
Counter attacks have been fixed and re-enabled. They will no longer delay a player's combat queue
Adjusted melee combat range to account for latency when chasing a moving target
Multiple attributes can now be wounded by a single attack
Mobs now have hit boxes and one will no longer be required to stand inside of larger creatures to hit them in melee
Added generic weapon type checks to combat commands to fix some issues where certain commands could be used with the wrong type of weapon
PvP "House TEFs" have been added. A playe
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